Rough Water rowing this Sunday 19th March.

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Rough Water rowing this Sunday 19th March.

robina and chris
Hi All

We meet 11.00am Red Compound to prep boats and tow down to Ferry. No need for Ladies to be there

except coxes as men will go first!  This isn't for any reason other than it will be a hard pull out against

the tide and the ladies had this slot last time. If ladies could meet @ the ferry for 1.30pm ready for

changeover then they could row right up to slack tide. Paul Blick will be your safety officer and will need

an assistant.  We will take three boats - Seahawk Heart and Star.

Unlike last outing the council want some money for parking although Tim informs me that unattached

trailers are free.  

Please dress for the occasion and bring a lifejacket  -( 10 minutes in the water could be life changing)!

This post will be updated Friday when a more predictable set of weather conditions will be available

Cheers  CB and Paula.