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Mens Newquay photos

I managed to sneak a couple of photo whilst Umpiring....  
You guys were amazing over the weekend.  You did the club proud.  We had a fantastic time on the water.

It was a fantastic setting for Kieran to step down from the club to go off to Uni - 3 years ago he represented the club the first time LCGC went to the Newquay Juniors,and this year as part of the squad the first time the adults went to Newquay.  Thank you to everyone for putting up with him. He is the first Junior in the club and has been 48th in the world two years running.  He first arrived as a short plump spotty 15 year old and you guys took him under you collective wing and helped nurture him into the young man he is today.  You should be proud of yourselves.

anyway - soppy gushing over - heres the photos!!!  xxxxx
Mens A

Mens B

Kieran receiving his Trophy!!!