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Alan & Julia

A short while ago we undertook a ballot to determine whether or not club members had the appetite to consider changing the name of the club, a note was posted on the Forum to this effect.

As advised in the constitution, a 75% in favour vote is required to agree a change to any element of the constitution, the note also advised that if a member did not vote it was assumed they were not in favour of a change.

Of those that voted, 34 voted yes to change the name and 33 voted no - with 3 abstentions - these figures include both adult and junior members.

Based on the ballot, 2/3rd of the clubs membership either do not want a change, or at the very least are ambivalent towards this matter (we have a total of 135 members). The Committee has therefore concluded that the membership’s decision is that we retain the existing club name.
Alan & Julia Robinson